Since 2015 and 2017, when wireless charging is standard configuration of both Apple Watch and iPhone, it has become the norm in mobile phones and wearable. The Qi standard of WPC also puts forward 5W BPP (Basic Power Profile) and 15W EPP (Extended Power Profile) for this field, so as to realize the compatibility of wireless charging of mobile phones in the world at least at the BPP level. At the same time, some mobile phone enterprises have also introduced Proprietary Std., which enables them to support about 50W of mobile phone wireless charging power. It is believed that in the near future, 65W may become a new power in mobile phones, wearable, tablets, laptops and other subdivisions.

We not only provide BPP and EPP wireless charging solutions that comply with WPC1.3, but also provide 65W private protocol solutions. In addition, the scheme is also downward compatible with the wireless charging demand of about 30W.

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