Industrial robots are represented by AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle), RGV (Rail guided Vehicle) and AMR (Automated Mobile Robot) applied to warehousing and logistics. The charging power is between 800W and 1.5kW. We have been invited to visit the logistics centers of several top e-commerce enterprises in China and the United States, among which logistics robot is widely used. These logistic robots are intended to use wireless charging on the demand of flammable goods, and also for the purpose of costs reduction.

In particular, you may have seen that one fixed station corresponded to multiple industrial robots.  Generally this kind robot has high security requirements for environment, limited battery capacity, and stays at a fixed station for a certain time. It can be charged by wireless charging while waiting for the next mission. Theoretically, it is enough to make it move to the next station. In this way, the cost of battery and robot can be controlled.

The 800W wireless charging module we provided for the logistics AGV of a top domestic e-commerce company has been working normally since installed in 2019, reducing considerable costs for customers and fundamentally improving safety.

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