The service robots here include customer service robots, distributed robots, rail-guided robots, reception robots, and cleaning robots. The power involved ranges from 150W to 800W.

The charging power of customer service robots and distributed robots is about 150W, of rail-guided robots and some reception robots are around 400W, and of cleaning robots is normally 400W or 800W.

The distributed robot is relatively simple from the smoky kitchen area to the lobby where diners gather, the metal contacts are easily stained by oil and soup, which may lead to short circuit or even fire. The application of customer service robot, reception robot and cleaning robot is much complicated, and some shopping malls even prohibit bare metal contacts such as patch boards. However, rail-guided robots are more often used in high risk and harsh environments such as coal mines and chemical industries, and some requests explosion-proof or flameproof. The demand for wireless charging in these applications is urgent or unique.

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