The emergence of wireless power transfer is full of accidents. It attributes to Nikola Tesla's imagination. It is neither like the discovery of oil, nor the logical thinking of alternating current versus direct current. Like Tesla Cage and Wardenciff Tower, Wireless power transfer comes out as if by magic at the end of the 19th century.

The rapid development of electronic products makes wireless power transfer finally become inevitable. It will be after 100 years when wireless charging technology has became part of our lives in the 2010s. Charging becomes the essential item along with the popularity of mobile phones. iPhone needs to be charged every day, which makes people of insight think about the way of wireless charging.

Wireless charging technology has become part of our life gradually after 10 years of wireless charging for mobile phones and wearable, from consumer electronics such as mobile phones to industrial electronics with higher power and more applications from one century to a decade.

The environments are diverse and harsh in industrial fields. The only safe charging scheme is wireless power transfer, no matter it is outdoor, mine with wet and full of combustible gas, or under sea. Moreover, the convenience and robustness charging process is automatic and durable. Not only that, wireless charging can be completed while misalignment and movement, which played an important role in reducing the overall system, operation and maintenance costs.

The vision of Chushan New Energy is that wireless charging a lifestyle and way of production.

We are committed to the R&D and application of 100W, kW and even MW wireless power transfer technology. The world is big enough and so is the market. Chushan New Energy is willing to share all our applications in consumer electronics and industrial electronics. And we will join hands with both inside and outside the industry to create a more infinite world.

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