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Since October 2015, Chushan has been a leading global provider of wireless power transfer (WPT) solution provider. Holding about one hundred intellectual properties, developed by seasoned veterans with over two-decade experience, Chushan is now rewarded as National High-Tech Enterprise, and has obtained CQC Quality Management System Certificate ISO9001/GBT19001.  

Focusing on up-to thousand watts, Chushan has been able to provide turn-key solutions to different use cases, including robots and drones used in logistics, industrial inspection and intelligent agriculture, as well as e-bikes and medical equipment. In addition, Chushan holds multiple chair positions in global specification organizations, particularly in WPC (Wireless Power Consortium). Also, Chushan is the active members in SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and ITU (International Telecommunication Unit).

Chushan’s mission is to be the top provider of wireless power transfer and the data management. As a lifestyle, Chushan envisions a world that this technology can be widely adopted not only in warehouse, factories, but also at home, and even in space.    

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